Death Knight – Frost Update

Out with the old, in with the new! More updates and this time is the Frost DK spec. Basically had to remove a spell they updated to have a casting time and fixed the modifier so you can use any key that want as a modifier. Other than that is back again to be a […]

Warrior – Arms Update

Hello everyone, soon I will start a mass of updates to the lazy macros, making sure they all work correctly. Will start with the Arms lazy macro, I added Recklessness to the macro and provided 2 versions, single target for those situations when you do not need to AoE or is more beneficial because of […]

4.2 Warrior – (Oh Crap Button) Update

Well Patch 4.2 finally hits us and will start to keep up to date with all the macros. This time I am providing 2 flavors for the “oh crap” warrior button. The old version still works, is mainly used for when you want to reduce an extra 10% from damages to you and also shield […]

Hunter – Oh Crap Button!

Hello everybody, I have been busy working on other projects but I am back again. You guys remember the warrior “oh crap button”? I told myself “Why couldn’t I make the same for other classes”? So here it is the Hunter “oh crap button.” You know you need this when doing PVP on battlegrounds and […]

4.2 – Firelands and Macros

New content is approaching with patch 4.2, so beware of The Firelands. WoW Lazy Macros is starting to feel the effects from this event! I have been testing the macros for 4.2 and most of them work just fine, on others I have to try to squeeze the abilities because some of the changes from […]

Macros – Copy, Paste and Save!

Hello folks, I’m here today to talk about on how to deal with these lazy macros on your computer. I mainly created this post because I have been hearing about people having trouble copying and pasting macros from the site to their game. Also I will teach you how to backup your macros in case […]

Warrior – Oh Crap Button!

Thanks to Blackadder for the idea to add this macro on the site. I had a similar lazy macro for when I do arena matches, so I decided to improve it a bit and share it with everyone. What does this macro do? It is pretty simple, it will try to pop all the defensive […]