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Death Knight – Frost Update

Out with the old, in with the new! More updates and this time is the Frost DK spec. Basically had to remove a spell they updated to have a casting time and fixed the modifier so you can use any key that want as a modifier. Other than that is back again to be a

Warrior – Arms Update

Hello everyone, soon I will start a mass of updates to the lazy macros, making sure they all work correctly. Will start with the Arms lazy macro, I added Recklessness to the macro and provided 2 versions, single target for those situations when you do not need to AoE or is more beneficial because of

4.2 Warrior – (Oh Crap Button) Update

Well Patch 4.2 finally hits us and will start to keep up to date with all the macros. This time I am providing 2 flavors for the "oh crap" warrior button. The old version still works, is mainly used for when you want to reduce an extra 10% from damages to you and also shield

Hunter – Oh Crap Button!

Hello everybody, I have been busy working on other projects but I am back again. You guys remember the warrior “oh crap button”? I told myself “Why couldn’t I make the same for other classes”? So here it is the Hunter “oh crap button.” You know you need this when doing PVP on battlegrounds and you are outnumbered by 1,000,000,000 people running to you, well not so much but close or some sort of boo boo you did. The macro will try to put a trap to slow and use all your defensive moves, if you think you are safe in a spot and it is against a mob/boss when trying to get out of combat then just hold a modifier and click again to feign death. Now when you are in one of those situations and need a panic button, you got it!

4.2 – Firelands and Macros

New content is approaching with patch 4.2, so beware of The Firelands. WoW Lazy Macros is starting to feel the effects from this event! I have been testing the macros for 4.2 and most of them work just fine, on others I have to try to squeeze the abilities because some of the changes from

Macros – Copy, Paste and Save!

Hello folks, I’m here today to talk about on how to deal with these lazy macros on your computer. I mainly created this post because I have been hearing about people having trouble copying and pasting macros from the site to their game. Also I will teach you how to backup your macros in case of fire (just kidding)! There is a simple way or “trick” to know when is a good copy and paste. First, do not try to highlight the macro text manually, there is an easier way. By just double clicking on the macro box on the site, it will highlight all the content inside the macro box and then just right click and copy or Ctrl+C on Windows or Apple+C on Mac. Here is an example to try it with: UPDATE: Macros Have a Copy Button Now!

Warrior – Oh Crap Button!

Thanks to Blackadder for the idea to add this macro on the site. I had a similar lazy macro for when I do arena matches, so I decided to improve it a bit and share it with everyone. What does this macro do? It is pretty simple, it will try to pop all the defensive cool-downs. For example, it will do Demo Shout, Thunderclap, Disarm the target if in range and more. Just spam it a few times so it goes through all the spells because warriors need rage for their abilities. *Create an equipment set for your weapon and shield from the Equipment Manager and name it “A”. Why A? Because running low on characters for the macro. Now when you seem to be stuck in a situation and need an “Oh Crap” button, you got it!