Monthly Archives: August 2011


Death Knight – Blood (Tank) Update 2

Hello everyone, I decided to take a look at the Blood DK tank macro again and found a spell that it shouldn’t be in the second castsequence. It was Empower Rune Weapon, with its big cool-down of 5 minutes, it was preventing it to go into a third round

50k Views Club and New Look!

Hey guys! I would like to know how you like the new “look” of the website? I tried to make it cleaner and more user friendly, but at the same time to improve the performance. Wow, the first month of putting up the site I was amazed that I got 10k views in only 1 month. And thanks to all of you amazing people that have visited my site, after 2 months since then it is now at 50k views per month! I would like to thank everyone for making this possible, whether you used my macros or not you were still there and may have passed this to help family and friends. With moving into the new fall semester

Warlock – Affliction PvP Lazy Macro

Fear, fear, fear! Isn't that annoying in PvP? Well now you can also join the "Fear" party! Thanks to n00b for commenting and providing a modified version of the Affliction Warlock lazy macro that is useful in PvP like battlegrounds. Since is mostly based on damage over time spells, you can basically kite the opponents

Rogue – Poisons Lazy Macro

Back again with more. Thanks to our visitors, we get improved macros and close to perfect rotations. But this time, thanks to Baine for the contribution on the comments, other people will benefit from a simple macro to apply poisons to their weapons easier and faster. This lazy macro can be modified to any

Warrior – Fury Update 2

Summer is almost over and the school is about to begin. So I have been visiting some of my WoW friends and soon I will be posting videos and updates as needed, hope you all had a great summer. So I have an update for the Fury Warrior lazy macro and it is a fairly simple change so it does not lock up in case of a mistake using the old version. And also besides combining sequences, I was able to include Execute to the macro. The Execute spell will go off as long you have enough rage

Mage – Arcane Update 3

If you are going to blow something up, take the Arcane Mage lazy macro with you! This new update will increase your dps if you have the talents on Mana Gem. I added the Mana Gem spell to the rotation and rearranged the order of that sequence for more burst at the beginning of a

Site Updates and More!

Hello guys, summer is ending soon for me but no worries, I still will be around. I'm still working on expanding the site, like lazy macros for "Rift" game but it takes time. Also have to thank our visitors by hitting the "Like" button, we reached the requirements and I was able to rename the