Monthly Archives: August 2011


50k Views Club and New Look!

Hey guys! I would like to know how you like the new “look” of the website? I tried to make it cleaner and more user friendly, but at the same time to improve the performance. Wow, the first month of putting up the site I was amazed that I got 10k views in only 1

Rogue – Poisons Lazy Macro

Back again with more. Thanks to our visitors, we get improved macros and close to perfect rotations. But this time, thanks to Baine for the contribution on the comments, other people will benefit from a simple macro to apply poisons to their weapons easier and faster. This lazy macro can be modified to any

Mage – Arcane Update 3

If you are going to blow something up, take the Arcane Mage lazy macro with you! This new update will increase your dps if you have the talents on Mana Gem. I added the Mana Gem spell to the rotation and rearranged the order of that sequence for more burst at the beginning of a