4.2 Professions - Mass Producing (Disenchant, Milling, Prospecting)Found something new and exciting rather than just a bunch of lines of code for a macro, well at least 1 line. And for this kind of a job of mass producing, I recommend an awesome add-on that with only 1 line of code in your macros it will do the following. One of the tasks is to be able to disenchant only green items that are not soul-bound and are inside of your bag. Other one is prospecting stacks of 5 ores at a time and of course the same but with flowers on the milling job. And if you got a keyboard that supports auto keybinds or macros, you can sleep while your macro is working hard!

Macro might be outdated, please check the forums for up to date macros.

The add-on is called Expeller and you can find it (here). The line of code that you would need to put in your macro will be:

Macro Explanation:

4.2 Professions - Mass Producing (Disenchant, Milling, Prospecting)