4.2 Rogue - Assassination Lazy MacroThis lazy macro should Mutilate your opponent! There are a few interesting things that this macro will do for you. You are out of combat right? The macro will put you on Stealth mode and won’t get you out of it if you hit it again by mistake. Just put it on your stealth bar and BOOM it will start with Garrote! That’s not all, is also spammable!

If for some reason you forgot to stealth it wont lock up, it will keep a smooth rotation. I made the rotation the way it is on the macro because slice and dice would lock it up if it was the first finishing move. This was the “Missing In Action” lazy macro in order to complete all damage macros for all classes. In order to use the Redirect spell, hold a modifier and hit the macro button again. Hope you guys enjoy it!
*Don’t forget to use only daggers and apply poisons to them.
*Remove Vanish if you want to use it for farming or leveling.

Macro might be outdated, please check the forums for up to date macros.

[stance:1]Garrote;[mod]Redirect;reset=target Mutilate,Mutilate,Rupture,Mutilate,Slice and Dice,Mutilate,Mutilate,Envenom /castsequence reset=120 Vendetta,Cold Blood,Vanish /cast Smoke Bomb /use 13 /use 14 /cast [nostance:1] Stealth

Macro Explanation:

4.2 Rogue - Assassination Lazy Macro


UPDATED September 30, 2011: Relocated the Redirect spell that was not working, now it activates with a modifier and the rotation resets on target to prevent any lock ups.