This tank macro is pretty good if your spec right, like getting cleave talents and such. I have used it since before cataclysm, there has been several revisions because of patches but still works fine, not perfect, but hey is a "lazy macro."Just spam it just like the other ones.

Macro might be outdated, please check the forums for up to date macros.

Macro Explanation:

4.2 Warrior - Protection (Tank) Lazy Macro

This one will start with rend on the target and eventually thunder clap as it fits in between it goes thru all the other abilities, for simple refresh on rend and thunder clap just target other mob or simply do the modifier "Alt" key once while hitting the macro.
*Warning* it will charge whatever is in line of sight, use to your discretion, works fine for me cause I been used to stop spamming after mobs are death or close to, otherwise if other mob is in range you will be charging it like crazy.

UPDATED July 6, 2011: Reworded the macro to work with the 4.2 patch.
UPDATED October 1, 2011: Removed Commanding Shout to make Revenge work, Revenge can be casted more times per minute than the shout.