Patch 6.2+: Gnome Sequencer – Enhanced

Macro Packs for Gnome Sequencer – Enhanced:

Use Macro Toolkit for patch 5.0 and up.

Want a bit more advanced? You can use GnomeSequencer.

The following information only works up to patch 4.3.4.
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WoWLazyMacros is a plugin that imports lazy macros located @ to MacroBank add-On.


  • MacroBank

Why Use WoWLazyMacros?

Human reflexes are slower than a computer, take advantage of this by using these lazy macros.


*The abilities in the macros need to be translated to the language of the game client, otherwise they would not work. These were made for english client.

  1. Open your normal macro window (/macro)
  2. Select Options in MacroBank window
  3. Select Pre-Made Macros on the left menu and click Load Macros on the right side of it and close this panel
  4. Select any macro from the dropdown list and click on Load

Update Macros:

  1. Right click on Macro Bank the class you would like to update and click on “Delete Macros” (/macro)
  2. Follow the Usage steps again to upload the new ones

YouTube Videos:

WoW Lazy Macros Channel


Please use WoW Lazy Macros website if you have any questions or need support with a macro or the plugin.
Visit: WoW Lazy Macros Plugin Forum

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