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50k Views Club and New Look!

Hey guys! I would like to know how you like the new “look” of the website? I tried to make it cleaner and more user friendly, but at the same time to improve the performance. Wow, the first month of putting up the site I was amazed that I got 10k views in only 1

WoW Lazy Macros Expanding!

Hello everyone, I'm back from traveling but I have great news. WoW Lazy Macros is in the process of expanding and bringing other games and platforms that support macros or automation with the help of human code. We know your time is priceless and would like to get things done more efficiently, so are you

4.2 – Firelands and Macros

New content is approaching with patch 4.2, so beware of The Firelands. WoW Lazy Macros is starting to feel the effects from this event! I have been testing the macros for 4.2 and most of them work just fine, on others I have to try to squeeze the abilities because some of the changes from