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Very nice macro. Runs smooth and seems to hold steady after initial burst better than my own. Now we just have to figure out a way to put Bestial Wrath and AotW on a castsequence modifier. I’ve been scouring the forums to see if any of the other classes have anything of the sort but havent found anything so far.

Thanks, Yeah I think I’ve tried every way to try to improve BW, AotW, and AMoC. I even tried castsequences and everything. But I did figure out with sequential and a 90ms that the macro actually skips about 15 spells due to speed. I think we both have great macros and we both, like you said, have to figure out how to improve those 3 spells and the GCD. Maybe just put BW in PreMacro for the initial and leave it in the Sequence part is the best I can come up with. Even that seems clunky, know what I mean?