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I do have a way around the problem of those spells not firing as soon as they are off cooldown, but I do it with the program called Xpadder, which is used to map the buttons on my Xbox One gamepad to my keyboard but also allows me set those buttons with a toggle and/or turbo mode with whatever delay i should choose and also allows me make button press sequences that are tied to a one button press. Hope at least some of that made sense, I’m terrible at explaining things.
So here’s how I have it set up. I have the macro button in game bound to my gamepad’s “A” button(set with toggle enabled and turbo set to 90ms intervals). Then I have the “X” set to where it is mapped to press all 4 of the keys that I have bound to BW,AotW,AMoC and Chimaera Shot(if being used) also with Toggle enabled and Turbo set @ 45ms and since those are being pressed twice as fast as the macro they are guaranteed to fire off immediately off cooldown.

Why did I tell you all this? I’m pretty sure that the same idea could be replicated with AutoHotKey, which I believe the majority of GS users, use. If you or anyone reading this would like to try the above with AHK, I’d be willing to do some research and try my best to create a script for AHK, otherwise I wont waste the time since I have no need for it and trying to code and get it to work how its intended makes my brain burn, lol.

Ironic how much hard work it takes to be lazy, huh?