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Yes, when you import the gibberish strings into GSE it will look normal when you edit it. It will only look like this while you import and explort the macro.
A lot of people are not explorting it correctly and don’t check the little tick box on the bottom of the export which then formats it so when you post here it will tell you the skills used.
Still wont give you the old formatted way but you could look and know what spells it will use.
Even if using verbose mode it would still only show spellid’s and this was to help international clients keep the memory usage down since spellid is universal rather than trying to translate it.

I think this info should be sticked somewhere readily visible for noobs getting into GSE (like myself). With a good majority of information out there from videos and articles, the fact that GSE exports/imports via code is not mentioned. This threw me off as I was getting accustomed to what the script/format a macro needs to be in for ether WoW or GSE to read/function. Then trying to see how someone is setting up a new BFA macro only to find code was confusing! I guess this applies to people on the go (smartphone/@work) and are not in-front of their computer where you could just play around with GSE more.

Many thanks to Cymiryc for clearing that confusion up here. The learning continues!

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