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Must had been hard to conciliate buff & energy issues. However i have some troubles when running it. I can pass a lot of time wiff full combopoints and still be using combo generators up to 4 times before a finisher comes.
I don’t know if i’m doing something wrong since i just discover this site & GSE today. I create an autoclick on my mouse with 50ms between repetitions.
Anyway, that is some great job !

How much is “a lot of time” because your encounters should be 1:30-2:30 minutes at most. Sub is a predominately mythic plus spec, not raid, so your encounters are relatively fast – which this is designed for.

Although we can’t reset the sequence anymore, rogues are fortunate enough to have an ability which resets the encounter – utilizing this is extremely important as it dictates how the remaining sequence will act. If you’re not utilizing vanish as rogues are intended, you’ll pool more cbp’s than it should.