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I can help you guys. I did just want you are wanting to do with my Enh Shaman macro at the beginning of Legion. You need to put the skills that you want to fire 100% of the time before the macro on different numbers on your bar. So if you want Bestial Wrath, Aspect of the Wild and A Murder of Crows to fire 100% on cooldown, put them on 1, 2 and 3…then the macro (minus these spells) on number 4. Then use this AHK macro:
toggle = 0 #MaxThreadsPerHotkey 2 #ifWinActive World of Warcraft { $F2:: Toggle := !Toggle While Toggle{ Send {1} Send {2} Send {3} Send {4} sleep 150 } return }
Notice!!! This macro is activated by hitting F2…change that key to whichever you like. By not putting a sleep line between each number press, there is no delay but they will be pressed in order 1,2,3,4.

So Is it possible to create a AHK profile that has say 1 firing off this then 2,3,4 and maybe at 5 again that way we have it covered?

I tried modifying my AHK , but it screwed it up and don;t know if 90MS is feasible