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Pete Misc
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So this is a strange one, I just tried using the Shift key as a modifier and I find that while running the macro (which I have on key4 on my bar1, it opens up bar4 (which is one of the right side bars) and cast the spell in position 4 (because I have key4 pressed), Which happens to be Creat Soulwell, lol.

I tried LSHIFT RSHIFT, don’t matter, it brings in the bar 4 or 2 or 3 which ever key I have pressed at time. So its being used as a modifier by Blizz, I just cant find where its at.

I have searched for the key bind to no avail, anyone have any ideas as to where this might be coming from, clearly shift-# rotates the bottom bar (1-2 and than the side bars 2-4) but I just cant find where its at!

-OK I found it!
Its tab Action Bar, scroll to bottom and there are 6 SHIFT-1 (-6) actions called Action Page 1-6