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Hey @Enix
I tried your macro and it seems to not lock up but delay casting of certain abilities
For instance Blade Dance will be off CD for almost 4-5 seconds at times before casting. I think your macro has got to many Strikes in and it preventing the main dps abilities to fire off at times without to much delay.
I wrote my own with some of your elements that takes out all that clutter and gives you the option to dump Fury. Maybe look into that cause im getting a lot higher numbers consistently with less Strikes in

Are you getting that same delay with Blade Dance and other abilities with all my macros? It’s a known issue that Immolation Aura causes everything to lock up until Blade Dance or Eye Beam come off cooldown again. That’s an actual WoW issue I hope they fix soon. Until then I added a temporary advanced macro at the bottom of the OP that requires you to find a button name, but fixes the hang ups. And now there is a third macro just before your post where I attempt to fix IA instead of waiting on Blizz. With so many to choose from I don’t know which one you are referring to.

Also, too many strikes? Chaos Strikes? Your Fury spender? I don’t understand. If it’s Striking too much you’d have no Fury and wouldn’t need a dump, you’d need a builder. If you mean to say too many Demon’s Bites, that would make more sense, but there are only two and near the end of the macro.

I’ll give yours a look tomorrow and compare them.