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Sorry typed it up in a hurry as I was heading out the door. Should have given more context

Ok so while running your macro this is what I was experiencing. Its the 1st one on the 1st post. Havent looked at any of the others.

/cast Immolation Aura
/castsequence [nochanneling,combat] Blade Dance, Chaos Strike
/castsequence [nochanneling] Eye Beam, Chaos Strike
/castsequence [nochanneling] Eye Beam, Chaos Strike
/castsequence [nochanneling] Demon’s Bite, Demon’s Bite
/castsequence [nochanneling,combat] Chaos Nova, Chaos Strike
/cast [nochanneling] Chaos Strike
/cast [nochanneling] Chaos Strike

When running there seem to be an overlap where it tries to do Beam and Chaos Strike at the same time. In the macro you have it 2 times as a castsequence where it will only do Chaos Strike after getting a Eye Beam off. Same applies to Nova and Blade Dance.

You have to take the GCD into account here. What I tried to say was that it should prioritise everything else over CHaos Stike UNLESS you are full on Fury. In this case it will complete the cast sequence of a Chaos strike before trying to do Blade Dance and again a CS before doing a Eye Beam .. and again a CS before doing Nova…

You are pushing a lower dps spell in front of CD abilities. If you think of it in the greater scheme of things you will have a 2 sec delay due to GCD CS cast sequences before “potentially” being able to cast Dance or Beam.

Long term with a 8sec CD it takes just 4 potential cycles though the macro to miss out on a Blade Dance

I hope this clears it up