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@Toxicdust, you’re the reason there are so little authors anymore. You’re the reason I don’t want to author anymore. People like you, who come into other people’s threads and claim to know more despite not putting in the work, claim to know more than those of us who actively collaborate with each other, actively cherry pick some points and overlook others to make your own points, and spout them as law are the reason we get burned out trying to please everyone.

Jesus man, I even said that “I’m starting to call ‘haste protection’”. You even copied it! And yet you attack me on that, too.

It’s not worth it to play things your way.

@everyone else: Those of you who supported me, either with a bias or without, who tested mine against others, offered feedback and helped me make a better macro that the most people could use, thank you. Those of you who reported issues and worked with me both here, in-game, and on Discord, thank you.

Those of you who tried my macro, found it lacking, and either designed your own, collaborated with me on a better version, or used someone else’s macro without slamming me for it, I thank you because you are trying things and making things work for you.

Let’s move on.