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Macro worked great. I like the chaos strike dump aspect. Thanks!
I do have a question or maybe suggestion on the layout. Why slot blade dance before eye beam? In the instance you have eye beam available, wouldn’t you want to capitalize on death sweep instead? I’m still getting accustomed to this all but for your last line with the /castsequence. Why is it not two cast lines? Like /cast chaos strike, then /cast demon’s bite. Also if I’m understanding the step function with priority list, shouldn’t demon’s bite be the default last /cast line or last part of a /castsequence? For instance if none of the above Abilities can trigger due to lack of fury or on CD, then the priority list would rotate to demon’s bite right?

Hmm interesting catch. I will work on it tonight to change the order around.
When playing my DH manually I tend to always mid fight notice I would do 1 Bite then 1 Strike and repeat that as fillers inbetween the main abilities hence the castsequence. Its not really for beginning of fights but more for mid to late boss fights.