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Hey @Enix
I tried your macro and it seems to not lock up but delay casting of certain abilities
For instance Blade Dance will be off CD for almost 4-5 seconds at times before casting. I think your macro has got to many Strikes in and it preventing the main dps abilities to fire off at times without to much delay.
I wrote my own with some of your elements that takes out all that clutter and gives you the option to dump Fury. Maybe look into that cause im getting a lot higher numbers consistently with less Strikes in

1. Okay. I’ll bite….. 2. … I’m not sure if you read through my entire thread or not… 3. … Since you took the tone that you felt you needed to educate me, I’m going to take the same tone here… 4. … Your macro has a line that if they were working correctly would freeze your macro to a halt: /castsequence [nochanneling,combat] Demon’s Bite, Chaos Strike 5. … Normally,castsequences are a hard-set series of casts that must be performed in order before they can reset… 6. … Any time you don’t lock up would be down to sheer luck… 7. … That’s reason one of why my macro is written like it is… 8. … The second reason … I’m starting to call “haste protection”… 9. … There are multiple lines that are the same… to ensure that when your CDs come off cooldown they will be executed between 1-2 GCDs … 10. … This is my attempt to make a macro that works with the widest range of users possible … 11. … But, please don’t insinuate I don’t know what I’m doing just because yours might work better for you…

Ok I think I covered highlighted everything I would like to respond to you about. If I missed something it’s ok. No loss
1. Thanks for your time. It was not a bait/troll response to get you to bite. I was giving feedback
2. Actually I did. Your explanations were very detailed and you put a lot of time and effort into this so I can understand why you would be offended by someone just voicing a idea you might consider. But you seem to offend easy so the rest of this might get a little rough for you.
3. I didn’t take any tone at any time. I was merely explaining to you that your Strike waste GCD. Do with it what you please and I gave a illustration that based on what your expectation is as per point 9 that you have to fire off a main ability every 1-2 GCD’s late you could see in a long term fight that you would waste many seconds or GCD’s before firing off main abilities. I was merely highlighting optimisation points if you were going to work more on your macro. That’s the thing with the internet. You can pick what tone you want me to be to suit your response. At this point your tone don’t phase me cause I don’t think you grasp that I was merely giving you a opinion on my experience using your macro. I didn’t have to do that and neither did I need your macro as I could build my own which incidentally I have done since the start. But don’t worry I won’t make that mistake again…
4. Well it doesn’t. It never has with GSE ever when I made a macro. Not last week. Last Month or Last year when TL started the project. Clearly my understanding and yours is way different on how GSE works. I made Warrior, Shaman and Pala Macros that was widely used on the forum so what you are explaining might just be your method of code vs mine.
5. Actually I think that’s where you have it wrong. That depends on your intent. From day 1 TL developed GSE to skip uncastable spells and move to the next irrespective if in a castsequence or not. It’s even that way in the WoW API. So when you select a Priority Step Function and you have a macro doing /Cast ABC, /Castsequence DEF, GHI. When running the macro it will do ABC, DEF, ABC , GHI, ABC , DEF etc … If it can’t do GHI because it’s on cooldown it will do ABC, DEF, ABC , ABC, DEF, ABC, GHI (If off cooldown)
6. Again nope. This talks back to point 5 and 4 I already explained.
7. The only reason you would put multiple lines like that is if you use the Sequential Step Function. It has nothing to do with anything else as you are wasting key presses on things it has to skip that’s going to be on CD anyways. It the programming world it’s called sloppy programing. The Priority Step Function specifically resets the sequence after every attempt. Your macro being Priority and duplicating code is just shit coding. Sorry but that’s what it is. Change it to Sequential and it will make more sense and you have a valid argument maybe.
8. Now you’re making up words. There is no such thing as haste protection. Damn dude. You go on asif you know what you are talking about but the more I read the more I realised you are just defending what you created and I respect that. But you should stop feeling offended by every comment and then put forth an attitude that you will bite (point 1) and then everyone has a tone apparently (point 3) and then making up words or “catch phrases” to make you seem more important than you are… You made a macro that 10 ppl use. Get over yourself and take criticism and value the fact that people actually respond to your nonsense tbh.
9. I think I explained this clearly. The rotation is EXTREMELY simple. Priority is Immolation Aura > Eye Beam > Blade Dance > THEN ONLY Chaos Strike > Demon’s Bite … You are pushing Chaos Strike in between everything as Priority Step Function. Then you get someone to take the time to explain to you that LOGICLY your macro if prioritising the wrong things and you take offence and immediately jump on a bandwagon. Btw I made my macro in 5 min. I haven’t spent hours and days like you on yours. Why … cause logic tells me that your priority needs optimisation and you can choose to do with that information what you want. Attacking claiming I have a tone … that’s laughable.
10. So using Priority Step Function with multiple lines of castsequence and repeats of the same spell is optimal for everyone. I don’t get that. Logicly its not optimised at all. But sure dude. I am sure adding more code makes it work better for everyone then.
11. I never made any insinuation. On the contrary you are the one who insisted I was offending you taking a tone just so I could school you. I was actually just pointing something out that from a priority standpoint your logic on paper don’t work but make with it what you want. You were already offended before even reading my post. You took that and made pre assumptions on what you think I wanted to tell you. You formed a bias opinion because you felt I criticize your hard work…
General comment: Get over yourself. You made a macro that 10 people use and anyone can make as there is no thought in the logic of priority. You are not as important as you think you are and to be honest I cba trying to help you or provide you with any insight into actual theorycrafting. You clearly feel you know everything and are not open to suggestion and potentially very short sighted. By all means please continue feeling offended. No one gives a shit.
I’m out….

Funny thing in this.
Why on gods earth don’t you post your well functioning macro?