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Hmm interesting catch. I will work on it tonight to change the order around.
When playing my DH manually I tend to always mid fight notice I would do 1 Bite then 1 Strike and repeat that as fillers inbetween the main abilities hence the castsequence. Its not really for beginning of fights but more for mid to late boss fights.

Yeah check it out and see if it preforms better! Ahh gotcha on the castsequence. It works well to lock in a certain aspect to the rotation then.

Hi there,

I am kinda new to lazy macro…but above all i see is a bunch of gibberish I dont see line numbers ore sequeance or anything it juts weird…

I am not even sure out to place what i see in my /gse area this is nothing like other macros i see where they have the line numbers and you can actually read what it says ??


Hey man don’t sweat it. The code gibberish you see is how GSE will NOW export its macros for posting. I think it has something to do with preventing errors when sharing macros from what I thought I read, I’m not entirely sure though. Anyways that’s how it is now. So for playing around with macros & GSE you’ll want to have the latest GSE loaded within WoW. From there you can copy code that suits you and import it. Thats how I’ve been getting accustomed to all this. Hope that helps!

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