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Hey Marcus I used this on a LFR last night and I was doing over 4Kdps at time and the overall according to skadda was 3900. This fight was coven. IM IL236 with crit at 40%, Haste at 41%, and Mastery at 36%. I was using the Wildstalker 4pc set and Serpentstalker 2pc set for bonuses. Leggos are Prydaz and Sephuz. It worked well I was never focus starved. At times however with just spamming the key Cobra Shot and Bestial Wrath were off cooldown and it took 2-4 key presses to activate. I know I could click myself but I wanted to just use the macro. I should also let you know I’m a 56 year old disabled vet with bad arthritis who is totally computer illiterate so I”m not 100% sure I was clicking to fast or not. I see people talking about AHK and mouse ms stuff and have no clue if I need to do something else for this macro to work. Just trying to give you good feedback. I cant figure out how to add a picture of skada report to show what I did. Any help you have would be greatly appreciated. Oh also any suggestions on pvp talents?
Thanks again for all you do.