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Jitty Six
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Will removing misdirection from the macro cause any problems with timings or anything? Have been using in dungeons and raids and people ask me why I’m casting misdirection on my pet/the tank Thanks

When in group always make sure to make the Tank your focus target as im sure you already know. As far as your other party members asking why you are misdirecting to the tank just tell them because you know wtf you’re doing or just ignore dumb people’s questions. Or you can just give them my personal favorite answer that I use for almost any dumb question, “because I like to party”
In other words I wouldnt remove it from the macro as BfA has brought with it a MASSIVE nerf to all tanks’ aggro generation and I’ve already been in several groups where my misdirect was on cooldown and the tank just could not hold aggro on the mob he pulled because the healer was peeling adds from him left and right. Misdirection is ESPECIALLY useful in mythic+ when the affix is Skittish due to even lower aggro generation on the tank.
However if you’re just too hard-headed to listen to my gnarly advice and you just gots to do things your way and remove it, then no, it shouldnt affect the macros performance

Thanks for the detailed answer. I will listen to your advice and leave it in. I am new to the game 2 months ago so still trying to find my feet and fully understand everything