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What legy are you running with atm ? 🙂
Im testing your lazymarcros now and it working good!
But im using Echoes of the great sundering and The deceiver’s blood pact.
But it need something like this in codes -> /cast [nochanneling,@cursor] Earthquake. – but dno where to place it, or shall i do it manual ?

Running with 1,1,1,1,1,2,1
Mine stats atm. (Ilvl 225)
Crit: 35,87
Haste: 18,63
Mastery: 38,51
Versa: 6,25 / 3,12
210 ilvl weapon

and after raidbots test (do i 4k dmg)
and with your lazy do i 3,8k dmg (with 100 ahk speed)
But dno about to use Soul of the farseer (it give lots crit and haste too) – but it give echo of the elements = 2x lava burst – it could maybe increase some more dps.

But keep the good work up 🙂