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Stone Guard
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im maintaining about 2k on the raider test dummy. running this at 80ms ilvl 211.
not sure if thats good or not?

That sounds right. To make sure it’s performing close to your perfect scenario I would test your character in raidbots via the simc export add on in wow (YouTube this if confused).

Also Destruction thrives on two target scenarios where you can get full use of Havoc. Anytime you are not using havoc you are losing at least 15-25% dps. Target dummies should be tested with havoc on another dummy while testing the macro.

Try this:
As I said, one of many; perhaps the best, but not “LAZY” enough.
In other words; something that requires more than one step is not “elegant”, programming-wise speaking.
“maximum desired effect achieved with the smallest or simplest effort.”

I think I am too lazy to find one for you. If I do find an easy way I’ll post it here. Just won’t actively look for one because I am also lazy.