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What legy are you running with atm ? ???? Im testing your lazymarcros now and it working good! But im using Echoes of the great sundering and The deceiver’s blood pact. But it need something like this in codes -> /cast [nochanneling,@cursor] Earthquake. – but dno where to place it, or shall i do it manual ? Running with 1,1,1,1,1,2,1 Mine stats atm. (Ilvl 225) Crit: 35,87 Haste: 18,63 Mastery: 38,51 Versa: 6,25 / 3,12 210 ilvl weapon and after raidbots test (do i 4k dmg) and with your lazy do i 3,8k dmg (with 100 ahk speed) But dno about to use Soul of the farseer (it give lots crit and haste too) – but it give echo of the elements = 2x lava burst – it could maybe increase some more dps. But keep the good work up ????

A bunch to digest here. Thanks for the detailed comment.
Earthquake is in the AOE macro on a modifier. ALT = Earthquake @ Cursor location. I prefer the modifier with earthquake because I don’t want to cast it at the wrong place by accident. This let’s me plan out where to leave my mouse cursor in any given situation. There are too many variables at play and potential damage loss if I leave it in the body sequence of the macro.
Leggos and stats. I’ll post that later on today. Forgot where I put the picture. In general I’m not too focused on legendaries because they will all be irrelevant in a week or so. Azerite gear is the future so that’s where my attention will be focusing. Patch 8.1 might also change talents, spells and rotations for the elemental shaman.

i do a small test with diffence legy.. the best 2 is what i have now 🙂

And thanks for info 🙂

I have not tested AOE atm, i’ll do it later 🙂