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How do you add the target part to the macro since now its just a big jumbled box of stuff can you post the same macro with that line added please im not saying im stupid and suck at adding lines but ya….. lol thanks

Hartman wrote: Ok I have tried the macros and find it dont auto target a enemy if I have not selected one beforehand when I start the macros. This means I have alot of time in raids/Dungeons where I am not applying DPS till I select a target after the last one died. It may be a simple line to add to the beginning to lock onto the nearest enemy/target in your field of fire (had this in previous macro for Legion and it was great. Is there a reason this changed (is not being used)?
just add the following line at the very top of the keypress section:
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]

AND HOW DO YOU do that not sure how to do it thanks