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Ran mythic Zul about 30 minutes ago, seems Chaos Nova on a shift modifier is causing the macro to get stuck and cap 120 fury, then spam demon bite. Not sure if this is happening to anyone else. Ended up removing it from modifier (it’s not in the macro as is but I’d advise against adding it).

Hey Abby – If the macro is getting stuck when using shift as a modifier it generally means you have shift bound to something else in WoW. Make sure you un-assign it and try again. Just tested Chaos Nova on shift and it works fine.

It’s definitely not bound, lol. None of my macro keys with modifiers are bound.
It’s not getting stuck, it’s capping fury at 120 and then only casting demon bite AFTER chaos nova is cast off a modifier.

That’s super weird. I’ve been unable to replicate the issue you’re having.

Is this the macro text you are using?

/cast [mod:shift,nochanneling] Chaos Nova