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Okay, so im not really sure what or if im doing something wrong. ive tested this almost 10 times and for some reason it seems lackluster. It tends to keep getting stuck at Void eruption. then when it finally does get going its definitely not within 1% of what i should be doing. using the macro i burst out at about 9.5k with a few peaks into 10k then sustain in the 8-8.4k range. then doing the same thing by hand i burst at about 12.1k and sustain in the 9.3-9.6k range
Am i Doing something wrong?

No idea. That’s not a lot of information. Like, I don’t know what you mean by “getting stuck on Void Eruption”. It’s an ability with a cooldown, so if it’s doing nothing else at all between cooldowns I could understand that as a problem. But, if it’s just highlighting the icon but otherwise is casting other spells then that’s as expected.

You would have to tell me why when you play manually that you get more DPS. Are you fitting in more casts of a certain spell than the macro does? Is there a proc window you are taking advantage of? Using talents I don’t have built into the macro or that I have said aren’t optimal (optimal for GSE, not in the sense that the talent is best for raiding/mythics. Not all talents work well when automated in a macro)?