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check interface options for focus and self cast key they should be on none

Yeah! Now work, thanks dude!
Top DH in recount has Annihilation on first place. I use your macros – have in first place Chaos Strike and difference about 15%. How they can use Meta so long? What am I doing wrong? 🙁

you should jump in with meta and after 1 or 2 seconds the macro should fire eyebeam so you can fire a second eyebeam while in meta remember meta from eyebeam counts to the whole timer of meta. maybe you got different stats look for his stats and azerite traits 🙂 as you can see in this Devourer fight log i got anni as my highest damage, it differs from encounter to encounter.

Hello mate,
Thanks for this, looks ezpz!
Just one question, is the [shift] key mod ‘Consume Magic’ or ‘Metamorphosis’? Your initial post states both. If it’s consume magic – do you now just pop meta whenever it’s off cd?

the shift key is consume magic i personal like it more cause of taking buffs from mobs in m+ and raids its just such a freaking usefull thing. i use meta as my opener in bossfights or if there are strong packs and you got more than 4 min to the next boss. at bossfights is use it a second time situational, like waiting for bloodlust or enrage mechanic or what ever