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My Experience: fantastic. Ilvl 315, Gear: Random WQ’s

2 Minute Target Dummy (raid) Single Target damage spiked with CD’s to 10.3k settling to 6.3k.
2 Minute Target Dummy (aoe) Damage spiked to 18k and settles around 12.5 =/- depending on movement.

I added in a [mod:alt] Flash of Light cause i am lazy and don’t want to move my left hand much.
also, testing a [mod:ctrl] Inquisition since I’ve been hearing it’s the Bee’s Knees.

During aoe it feels like the macro hangs up a little, but honestly I believe it is due to my abysmal haste and everything being on CD for a global or two. More haste should help me greatly, but overall this is fantastic and i’m enjoying the crap out of it. Was doing a heroic at 120 still wielding Ashbringer and was pulling 6-8k ST and 9-11k aoe. Just put on a 325 2hander and now im ripping the meters apart for my content.

*edit: had the wrong talent, was testing Inquisition on macro and forgot to apply it. with actual talents listed ST @315 was 7-8kdps and aoe around the 14-18k +/- movement.