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Hey Glenn, how is the macro holding up so far? i have not been playing very much the past month since i decided to help out a store to get out of my home. “volunteer work” i started to get bored for some reason.

Hey Vynivas!
Its been holding up great! I’ve been able to run the new variation (Tab2) in mythic+ reliably. I’ve made some further adjustment from whats in the OP and I’ll update that today. Revenge Has been pulled off the main sequence and is on the Ctrl mod, that way when you need to spam Ignore Pain you should have rage built up or can spam Revenge if needed. Also Last Stand has been moved from the Shift mod and replaced with Avatar, then Avatar can be used with better precision while in mythic+. I have Last Stand bound to Shift+Mouse 3 which seems good so far since its not on GCD. The only other area I’d like to see improved would be when ignore pain triggers, I’ve added an line with just ignore pain to the very bottom of the main sequence and this helps. The real solution would be to not have it on GCD, which is every prot warriors gripe =P

Very glad too hear the macro is still holding up great! i am also happy that you are updating the macro for it too run better. i decided too buy a xbox one controller too play wow in a more relax way. so i will leave the macro as it is but i will have to set a few things that are easier for me to use like “CD” on my controller.