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Is there a way I can force it to channel the full length of eyebeam? I’m hating the cancels. I get more DPS out of a fully casted eyebeam at the moment than a cancelled eyebeam for 2 blade dances during meta.

EDIT– It’s also cancelling fel barrage as well.

Check the trinket usage too, it will only cancel channels if all lines have nochanneling but you have on use trinkets.

There are 3 potential fixes for this to add into the macro.

1) Uncheck Trinket Use on the right side of the macro, this will stop interruptions
2) Do number 1 and then in the macro if you want trinket use add in:
/use [nochanneling] 13
/use [nochanneling] 14
3) Possibly the cleanest way. Add in:
/stopmacro [channeling:Eye Beam]
/stopmacro [channeling:Fel Barrage]
These 2 lines should be added as the very first thing in KeyPress.When you do this the [ ] conditionals will remain white, this is normal. The macro will still cycle but will not action another skill until the end of the channeling.

This should now help relieve interruptions on channels