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Hi Enix,
I’m iLVL 372.
My talents are the ones you’ve been listing.
My stats are: Stats
My Dps output recorded on Details:
My question: Seems like the numbers i’m pushing are Low AF. Any tips ?

Sim your character, turn off all buffs, tell the sim you’re on a training dummy. Are the numbers the same?

If you feel your numbers are too low, even if the sims match, then it’s your itemization.

good evening I’m new in the forum, pultroppo not speak English and I’m using a translator I hope you understand me 🙂 I wanted to ask you this macro you must consider and use only with 1 key or it must be divided into 2 keys?

It’s only one button. Put it on any number you want to use. If you imported the macro and it’s not working, something else is wrong.