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I changed the order and priorities a bit. Flame macro is now on key 1, Stormstrike on key2, and cym’s key3. I played with priories, and sequence. On cym’s macro I’ve kept it at sequence because setting it to priority reduces the dps by 10 percent, it’s weird. It shouldn’t, but it does. Flamestrike and Stormstirke macros I’ve set to priority, with feral spirits, and sunder baked in as priorities above flamestrike or Stormstrike. I noticed a big improvement in burst dps by doing that. The only gripe I have atm is rockbiter, and maelstrom. I’m playing around with loops trying to get a few more rockbiters into each encounter and I’m still working on it. Oh, and I’m now using FS over shatter, I’ve been having more fun with the slightly higher burst of FS and the ms regeneration of having them be able to pop earlier. On mythic Taloc I ranked 104th for Oct 4th as enhancement shaman Overall, these macros are working nicely.

Actually having more luck with the original set up – have you made changes to the macros themselves? It works great in PvP btw.

Thanks again!