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Alright folks I have updated the OP to the version of the macro that I have been running in M+ and Raid for the past few weeks. Currently my ilvl is 366 (ish) I swap out alot of gear and traits depending on the fights and content. I have a 94.7 avg Parse in Uldir(N) (I don’t tank Taloc or Mother as we 1 tank the fights with our other tank and I go Boomy though the 1 time I did tank Taloc I parsed a 94). In Heroic I go put on a little more Defensive gear and parse with a 74.7 through all fights (minus Mythrax and G’huun as we have not downed them yet, and the afoere mentioned Taloc and Mother going Boomy) using this macro.

Please let me know if I can provide you all with anything else and/or your comments are always welcome.