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First off, thank you! Love this macro, and really appreciate you sharing it 🙂
I have shifted around a few mods and would really like to put Chaos Nova on the right ctrl of my keyboard without success….I don’t suppose some kind soul would help me out please? I’ve googled and Googled before asking, so I really have tried to work it out myself…
I’d like it to work like eye beam does – press…and off it goes.
…thank you!! 🙂

The updated macro in the original post contains a chaos nova modifier, if you want it on ctrl, simply delete the “shift” text and add “ctrl”. So, it would look like /cast [mod:ctrl,nochanneling] Chaos Nova.

If you’ve done this and you’re trying to say that the ctrl modifier didn’t work for you, it’s because you have an existing keybind to whatever key your macro is on + ctrl. You can fix this by hitting esc, goign to keybinds, finding an empty keybind and assigning whatever your macro key is + ctrl. After that, unassign it.