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ok so im still noobing out over here. The mod seams to be working great. im really happy with it, but i have a general lazy macro question.
if something is a pre macro is that for coding reasons or is there something i should be doing. should i be pressing that ability prior to starting the macro or extra during the macro?

PreMacro is scripting that will automatically execute as you run the macro. It will activate first, and then continue on with the rest of the “main sequence” macro, and will never repeat again until the “main sequence” has been completed X amount of times where X is the InnerLoopLimit.

I also would like to remove Fiery Brand from the auto cast and add it as a modifier. do i simply remove it from the sequence, or does that effect timing of inner loop etc. what changes should i make to take it out?

You would have to remove it from the macro and re-add it as /cast [mod:MODIFIER] Fiery Brand where MODIFIER is either ALT, CTRL, or SHIFT. You cannot designate any other mod keys, nor specific left or right keys. You can add this line to the “main sequence”, KeyPress, or KeyRelease.

also im trying to add Disrupt as a modifier but no matter the modifier i cant get it cast. any suggestions

Same as above.

/cast [mod:control, @player,combat] Sigil of Misery
this is the kind of line im trying to add to the keypress section but it doesnt work. please advise with some help

Sigils, unless you take the talent Concentrated Sigils you will need to add @player or @cursor to your /cast line. For example /cast [@player] Sigil of Misery to drop it at your feet. However, if you don’t add in a mod key conditional you’ll fire it at cooldown which is not the way you should use it. You would want it to look like /cast [mod:MODIFIER, @player] Sigil of Misery where again MODIFIER is any of the allowed mod keys.