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apparently i had my alt key doing bound to something else and it was causing a conflict

thank you for the fast response

to drop it at your feet. However, if you don’t add in a mod key conditional you’ll fire it at cooldown which is not the way you should use it. You would want it to look like
/cast [mod:MODIFIER, @player] Sigil of Misery
where again MODIFIER is any of the allowed mod keys.

i have added this exactly to my macro and it still doesnt work.
my key press macro looks like this

/targetenemy [noexists][noharm][dead]
/castsequence reset=target Throw Glaive, null
/cast [mod:shift] Metamorphosis
/cast [mod:control] Consume Magic
/cast [mod:alt, @player] Sigil of Misery

when i press alt while the macro is ongoing nothing happens. all other mods work