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Man theres a lotta work here that you have pretty new to understanding macros..I have searched this site and cannot find an answer to my question. I pretty much understand basic macros and such..but you threw me a total curve with the 6 version macros.. i have no idea of what to do with do i separate specific version out and put into a one button macro or even if i do. The versions are different talent builds so i dont think you can run them all together. I can choose version 1 but the spells in version 2 etc. are different and it is confusing me. Can you refer possible to an article where i can read up on this so i dont have to bother you with tutoring me as i know you have to be buried with this work. Maybe im making this too .. anyway.. thanks for any directive you can assist with.. and thanks, and if you cant .. then i get that and thanks anyway..cheers.