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John Q.
Stone Guard
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@Paul Thanks for your feedback; I am glad that you like the macro.

To answer your question, there is not an AoE version. I had EF in there, but it turned out to be too much of a mana pig; casting when I did not need it. The only AoE-ish spell is already in the macro (Vivify).

RMs are fine too, but they too have a CD; so it helps if you only look at the HP of your target & not your HoTs on it/them. To this day, I could not readily tell you in the heat of combat if the tank that I am healing has RM on him/her or not.

So you already have the right idea: cast EFs/bubbles/Renew as needed and working alongside the macro. 😉

As for how the macro does in raids, I think it does quite well. I loathe raiding, but I still LFR’d to test the macro and consistently was at–or near the top–of the meters….even with subpar gear.

Hope that helps.

–John Q.