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Stone Guard
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Great macro.
Not quite the way I’d have made it, but nonetheless, good.
The way the macro is structured right now, it’s going to destroy your mana and you’re going to be oom during any substantial pull, especially if you’re trying to run this in higher keys (for me, it’s typically 10+).
The feral macro has no problems, but again, the main healing sequence is a nightmare for mana.
Personally, I would have thrown regrowth on a shift mod and only put lifebloom and rejuve in the main sequence. This way you can dot everyone pre-pull, swap to feral, and then back if you need to spam regrowth. The way it’s designed now, you’re going to spend most cast time casting regrowth and destroy your mana.
Additionally, I’d change the suggested talents to cultivation versus incarn and photosynthesis over germ. Cultivation AND photo allow more dot time which allows you to stay dps longer.
That’s just my two cents ^.^
The macro is good regardless of my input.
Good job.

Hey Abby thank tou for your suggestions. I think I will try to make some adjustments with them and release an additional version with your input. Ty!