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John Mets
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ive been using this macro and it works awesome, but im starting to have some doubts with myself. Am i using it correctly. I mash this button like mad, but am i screwing up its timing? should i be pressing it slowly based off a GCD or just it doesnt matter? also in the edit tab if i cahnge the tabs to say use 1 instead of 3 liek in raid does that mean when im in raid the macro auto adjust to this without me doing anything? thanks you do such good work.

mashing it like crazy works slower can affect performance slightly.

so as the tabs go yes whatever version you assign for each situation the addon would use the assigned macro

I have used your macros since before GSE. You are doing some great work. Now that I am returning for BFA, I see that macros have 3 versions in 1 macro. How do I chose which one to use, when it only has 1 button? Import it 3 times and delete 2 of the tabs each time?

in the config tab of the macro, you can choose which one of the 3 version or macro you want to use and set it.
setting just the default version to say 2 would mean you want to use the macro in tab 2 for everything.

there any way to get dnd on a modifier? i try myself but the whole macro stops working. i get some dumb placement sometimes. not a huge issue, especially in raids.
so far pretty consistently parsing high blue for dps and healing though so <3s

where the DnD is in the macro just add in after cast the modifier, ie /cast [mod:alt, @player] Death and Decay
should work.