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Update to the OP macro to fix an issue I introduced with the last one. Even if you didn’t notice anything pick this one up, it has a DPS increase in it.

Optimal usage of blade dance from fel beam is two. Currently it does not always achieve this. However I’m only pulling 90% not as high as you report. I run at 40 – 50ms. However my local ping is 60 and climbs to 240+ when not grouped with others in my related realms.
Regardless the changes I have mentioned show an increase in aoe trash pulls

Pick up my newest version as of this post and then get back to me. Let’s see if they fire on cooldown like they are supposed to.

Would it be wise to use this one in Pvp ?

I don’t PvP much, but when I do I dominate with this. Same talents, too.

wouldn’t it be better to have chaos nova and eye beam on a mod?

Short answer: No.

Longer answer: If you take the talent Unleashed Power then using Chaos Nova is a DPS increase in both ST and AoE fights. Not only that, but it’s a really nice talent/spell to use in Mythics. Unfortunately, our stun with this isn’t very long compared to other classes, and the reason for that is that we actually have two, Chaos Nova (stuns for 2 seconds) and Metamorphosis (stuns for 3 on transformation). Since they are both so short, using Chaos Nova on CD is the better choice and you don’t have to worry about using it at the right time.

As for Eye Beam, it’s been said again and again, but you want to use Eye Beam on CD even in ST fights. It grants +50% damage to your first target so even if there is only one it’s still the strongest spell in your kit. The only time you would want to hold back on using Eye Beam is if you are one mob left in a pack and the tank is about to pull another pack before Eye Beam would be off CD. But, since you should be firing on CD the frequency of this should be low and even if you have a bad run where it feels like it happens all the time the CD is short enough to have another when it counts.