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Something I’ve been testing with lately. in Mythic Prog. its a variation of my tab 3 that requires a little more input from the player which may not suit some people. but has been rather necessary for tanking harder content more efficiently.
Marrowrend, if using this macro Id advise you have Marrowrend bound separately for starting fights. while the macro does fire Marrowrend its intent is to top up and maintain stacks during a fight, but requires you to manually apply 1-2 hits at the on the pull.
Deathstrike, will fire off once in a while but is still on a modifier for better control. the reason for this is to have the resources available when you need them. this makes fights like Fetid a breeze when you can time your strikes and have the resources available. Also if doing M+ and running Bonestorm you can max your RP everytime you want to use it.
Alternativly you could reduce the loop limit to increase/decrease the use of DS and Marrow to suit. I have also increased the frequency of Hearstrike.
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This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.01.
Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential
Pre Macro: Death Strike, Marrowrend
KeyPress: Death Strike
Main Sequence: Marrowrend, Heart Strike, Blooddrinker, Vampiric Blood, Swim Speed (TEST), Dancing Rune Weapon, Death and Decay, Blood Boil
KeyRelease: Contains various utility functions.

I really like the first version posted in OP. I have played around with your version with manual Morrow and it fells like it uses so much RP anyway that there aint really a need. I run it at 50ms tho, might be that.

Il test more during the day and come back.