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John Mets
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I like this more then my own and the other I have tried. It took me SOLO to 1495 rating in arena 2v2 -_-
But for M+, it just feels like it uses to much RP so there is never enough to DS or Bonestorm.
Not sure why, but hey, its prob me.
For higher keys, you ideally just want to use DS all the time you can in most cases.

the reason is that where he has put Deathstrike in the macros it’s going to fire it as soon as RP is available.
another issue is around the 1.5min mark the macro trips over itself in a sustained situation. so if I was MT Fetid, for example, I would reach a point where I can get rune staved for prolonged periods as its trying to cast Marrowrend more often than it needs to be. this won’t be noticeable in short trash fights or pvp though.