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Just my 2c. A priority macro works the best for SV imho. I’ve tried them all and both Cym’s and Ghoste’s sequences work great. If anyone is having issues with Serpent Sting spam or it occurring too often, it may be linked to being focus starved. Serpent Sting only requires 20 focus and Mongoose Bite requires 30. So in a focus starvation situation, Serpent Sting could fire again…and again…and again until a Kill Command procs giving enough focus to allow Mongoose Bite to fire. The first thing I suggest to address this is to put Serpent sting on a modifier or separate key. I understand we love one button macros but hear me out. This is because you dont need to be randomly wasting 20 focus and you need to control exactly when and where Serpent Sting is applied, like multi-dotting for AOE. Also, depending on the traits, you may get free Serpent Stings or a 200% damage increase window which requires a quick re-apply at the right time to capitalize. The second is talents. If you put in the modifier or change SS to a separate key and still hit moments of being focus starved change your first row talent from Viper’s Venom to Alpha Predator. This will increase Kill Commands resulting in more focus. This also plays nice with Bloodseeker which will give you a nice 10% attack speed boost for every bleeding target this talent gives to Kill Command. Happy days if you run with a feral or sub rogue. I’ve tried every combination of talents and I’m sold on 31X1222 for most all situations. However, some readers may already know all of this while others may focus on AOE or specific Azerite traits and therefore prefer a different build or have experienced different results so just take this information for what its worth to you.