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Looks like the universal macro is for shadow, is there the disc version?

It’s not Shadow. Just checked. Are you importing it while in Shadow?

Hi FFirst off all I woudl like to say it super setup of macros and thanks a lot but i have problem with universal Macro becouse it not shileding my ffocus target and Attorment need to be set manulay it woudl be great when instruct me what i am doing wrong

It will shield ONLY after the third Smite cast, provided you are spamming faster than the GCD. That third smite cast might come later than your target’s current Atonement if you did anything else like shield other party members. Read this for more info.

Dude, best macros I’ve used yet. just got my priest to 110 and using for leveling. it is insane. Thank you soooo much for putting in the work and sharing. my only question is.. is there something more we can do for AoE dps than just spreading purge? is there something worth getting/using for leveling/dungeons?

Two things:
1: Tab-target SW:Pain your targets. Even if you are taking Purge the Wicked, you only get one additional target dotted per Penance and that’s abysmal and despite its stealth buff I don’t really recommend it as a talent. If your tank is good, as in they routinely change targets to maintain healthy threat on them all, all you have to do is spam your DPS macro and let it dot up the new targets. If your tank is bad, as in they rely solely on their AoE abilities to maintain threat beyond their main target, then you can tab-target the other enemies and let the DPS macro apply Pain on each one.
2. Halo/Divine Star. You also have the basically useless Holy Nova. Ideally you would take Halo and use that on CD if the enemies are spread out, or Divine Star if they’re all grouped up on the tank. Both abilities heal and deal damage, but mind your surroundings with Halo.