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I would like to see what others are seeing using this macro at high ilvl, around 360-370. I am personally averaging 10-12K on heroic Uldir bosses at ilvl 369. Would be nice to see what others are getting for comparison.

I know u said il 360-370 but just figured I’d throw my results in. I just did first boss on heroic tonight. My il is 347. 2 levels of reorigination ray, and cheap enchants. My stats are as follows:

Agility 5,856
Stamina 6,224
Critical Strike 19.79%
Haste 11.85%
Mastery 48.92%
Versatility 2.14%
Leech 1.73%

Fully raid buffed with prepot i pulled 8,706 dps @4th

Looks like I need to make some adjustments to the macro as wowanalyzers info about my performance was fairly poor tbh