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Did a M+9 Freehold last night. Final boss fight DPS was 11.4K. Running the macro via AutoHotKey at 50ms. Here is how the abilities were spread out during the fight:

Skada: Deathpoint’s Damage for Lord Harlan Sweete: 23:10 (2 Min 41 Sec)
Skada: [Claw] 404.1K (22.4%)
Skada: [Auto Attack] 281.7K (15.7%)
Skada: [Auto Shot] 258.6K (14.4%)
Skada: [Kill Command] 234.8K (13.0%)
Skada: [Cobra Shot] 200.5K (11.1%)
Skada: [Chimaera Shot] 79.7K (4.4%)
Skada: [Gutripper] 70.3K (3.9%)
Skada: [Incendiary Ammunition] 60.6K (3.4%)
Skada: [A Murder of Crows] 59.1K (3.3%)
Skada: [Stomp] 49.3K (2.7%)
Skada: [Barbed Shot] 38.0K (2.1%)
Skada: [Frenetic Blow] 37.4K (2.1%)
Skada: [Ruinous Bolt] 25.7K (1.4%)

Personal Armory: