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Dean Joseph Robinson
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Tried to make it more refined and added Carve, changed some talents, if you don’t want carve replace it with Raptor Strike
Also if you prefer another version of the macro just replace the bomb lines with this ONE line
/cast [nomod] Wildfire Bomb
Regardless of talents it will now fire what you need it to thanks to the GSE update
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This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.3.11.
Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential
Pre Macro: Aspect of the Eagle, Coordinated Assault, Harpoon
KeyPress: Freezing Trap, Misdirection, Tar Trap, Disengage, Harpoon, Growl, Call Pet 1
Main Sequence: Kill Command, Serpent Sting, Raptor Strike, Aspect of the Eagle, Wildfire Bomb, Carve, Coordinated Assault
KeyRelease: Kill Command
Post Macro: Wildfire Bomb, Coordinated Assault

Just to make sure as there have been a few changes to talents and skills ie wildfirebomb changes.
Just checking the MS fire rate? Would it still be 1.00 or more like 0.25 in logitech gaming software?
Another question was when you say fluid do you mean to never run out of focus? i just want to make sure i have everything right because i’ve been using your old one with the 3 bomb talent @ 0.25 and it works quite amazingly so if it will perform even better at 100MS that would be GREAT!